Educational Interactive Sundials
for your school or public place or business

Children and adults have fun creating, building and using interactive sundials.

Interactive Sundials & Human Gnomon

Discover the fun way to teach your students about the Earth’s rotation.

An interactive human sundial takes your students out of the classroom and into the open air and uses the Sun to teach about how the Earth rotates and tilts on its axis.

Animation - world turning

Information & Instructions

We provide you information and instructions on create and use your interactive sundial.

The Sundial Plans

You can order your plans today and receive the formula for your own Sun Altitude Azimuth Model

The Curriculum

This is a great educational interactive sundial that you can add into your lesson plan to get your students outdoors and active

Sundials in Public Places

Throughout Australia you will find sundials in public places including botanical gardens and schools .

Human Sundial Photos

Interactive Human Sundials are very educational and fun. Children and adults can use the sundials to tell the time using your shadow.

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Parkwood Primary

An ideal interactive educational tool for schools

A human sundial installation is a fun way to help students identify how the earth’s rotation causes day and night and how the earths revolution causes the cycle of the seasons.

And of course because it will last for years (with some maintenance) it will not only be a great teaching tool but it will be a source of entertainment for students and visitors to your school or public area.

Parkwood Primary

Information & Suggestionss

  • The area of intended installation requires an area of 6.5 metres in an East to West direction and 4 metres in a North to South direction situated on a flat level area preferably free of shadows.
  • The cheapest way to install a human sundial is for the school to install the project themselves; either by the grounds staff or the students.

    * As shown in the photos a sundial can be simply painted onto the ground be it concrete or bitumen.
    * Set into a grassed area using paving blocks etc, (allowing for ease of mowing and also vandal proofing).
    * Or by using plants shrubs or small trees for marking out the hour points.

  • If a professional installation is required then perhaps the costs could be met by installing a time capsule.

    * Then getting local businesses involved and to contribute towards the costs would allow your time capsule to grow where you can leave lasting memories for future generations at the school.

  • The basic cost of supplying the plans to you is $162.89 AUD (normally $300.00).

    * We obtain the exact Latitude and Longitude of the area of installation, calculate the relevant angles and measurements then supply the plans to you.
    * In a downloadable six page PDF
    * The human sundial will then be unique to your particular location.

If your school is on a tight budget you can overcome the cost problem by making the project self-funding.. read how to install an associated “Time Capsule” here.

To order your Human Sundial plans please fill in the order form on our website.

Delivery of your plans will be within two – five days

By purchasing our plans we guarantee you will obtain the most accurate and easiest to follow plans available.

Join the many schools in Australia and New Zealand who have installed a Human Sundial.

As of last year 35, 420 Human Sundials have been installed throughout the world.

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Sun Altitude Azimuth Model

To every school that orders a set of Interactive Sundial plans the measurements for making their own Sun Altitude Model will be supplied free.
It is up to the school to decide how large they wish to make the model.

Direction of shadow movement.

  • Basically students can monitor the movement of the shadow cast by the gnoman (vertical rod) as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  • They can also monitor the changing lengths of the shadow throughout the day and throughout the year.
  • In the same way they do when using the Human Sundial.
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