Human Sundials

Human Sundials, by Sunclocks Australia

Schools that have already installed a Human Sundial are invited to post comments as to their being helpful to their students understanding of the Earth Sun relationship.

As of late last year 35,420 of our Sunclocks have been installed throughout the world.
Why is this so?

  • Our plans are the most accurate plans available designed to your exact location Latitude and Longitude, with easy to follow installation instructions.
  • Human Sundials are a unique teaching aid for teachers.
  • Primary School students quickly learn how to tell the time by becoming actively involved whether being taught by a teacher or simply playing on the Human Sundial.
  • The more actively involved students are the more lasting knowledge they gain.
  • Human Sundials help children develop their understanding of light and shadows and that it is the Sun that is the source of light that causes their own shadows
  • Students  are surprised when they learn that it is the Earth rotating on its axis that cause shadows to move and not the sun travelling across the sky.
  • Students learn that their shadows move anticlockwise throughout the day when standing on the dial facing south with their shadows being longer in the morning and late afternoon and growing shorter from early morning to midday.To be continued……..Learn about the cause of the differing seasons with a Human Sundial… George Marshall Sunclocks Australia.