The Curriculim


Sundials are part of the school curriculum world wide and some Australian & New Zealand schools have already taken advantage of having their own interactive sundials in their playground.

Human Sundials and Earth and Space Content.


demonstrate that the rotation of the Earth on its axis is the cause of night and day, eg by using models of the Earth and sun describe local seasonal changes that occur as a result of the Earth's movement around the sun observe and record changes in the length and direction of a shadow during the day to show how the movement of the Earth around the sun can be used to measure time, eg. by using a shadow clock or sundial

Earth's rotation on its axis causes regular changes, including night and day

  1. recognising the sun as a source of light
  2. constructing sundials and investigating how they work
  3. describing time scales for the rotation of the Earth
  4. modelling the relative sizes and movement of the Sun, Earth and Moon

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