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When you purchase a customised set of Interactive Human Sundial Layout plans from Educational Interactive Sundials for $162.89 AUD (GST FREE) (at our special price from January 1st 2018 to July 31st 2018) you get six pages in PDF format (which is downloadable) that includes:

An interactive human sundial takes your students out of the classroom and into the open air and uses the Sun to teach about how the Earth rotates and tilts on its axis.

  • The exact location of your organisation plus longitude correction for your time zone along with instructions on how to determine true north.
  • A table of times of local noon for every day of the year… this is essential for determining true north
  • Date scale measurements for months of the year
  • Hourly point measurements X,  Y AND Z
  • Overview showing date scale and hour point configuration
  • Enlarged view of date scale

You will also receive a PDF showing a pictorial view of laying out your human sundial.

The price for the Interactive Human Sundial Plans are $162.89 AUD – (our special price from January 1st to July 31st 2018 – normally $300)

Please order using our online order form.

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Please note: For schools of less than latitudes of 25° South, please contact George for more information.

Unfortunately latitudes of less than 25° South are not really suitable for using a human sundial.

The reason  being that the sun is almost directly overhead during the mid summer months.
Consequently a persons shadow is very short or virtually non existent around local noon.

Secondly the shape of the hour marker ellipse is noticeably flattened out as apposed to the more circular shape of the higher latitudes.
Thus making the early morning hour and the late afternoon hour markers more closely placed.
Making it difficult to determine the time

At other times say during the mid morning mid afternoon period there should be no problem with shadow lengths and telling the time.
Especially if the students when standing on the date scale with their back to the sun raise their arms vertically overhead palms together to extend their shadow.

Considering when schools summer holidays occur, December / January that is the most critical time for the non existent shadows around midday.
And if the human sundial is not used around midday during the mid summer months.
Then perhaps schools may still consider installing a human sundial.

If you wish to know the shadow lengths for your particular latitude please contact George.

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and discover how inexpensive this great interactive learning tool really is.